General Dentistry

At DENTAL PEARLS we treat all dental and oral health cases, from a simple cleaning to the full reconstruction of the mouth and the diagnosis of oral diseases. For this reason we work with specialized scientists including a specialized oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and an endodontics specialist, so that we can treat all cases, even the most complicated, in the most reliable and comprehensive manner.

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The services we offer can be summarized as follows:

At our dental centre every dental procedure, from the simplest to the most complicated, is conducted under conditions that enhance your relaxation, your good mood, and, if you choose to, your entertainment!

And this is because we want you to smile, both after, as well as during treatment.

Vicky Deligeorgi Dental Pearls

Dental Syrgeon Vicky Deligeorgi founder of the DENTAL PEARLS, graduated from the Dental School, University of Athens in 1995


Address: Alopekis Street 6 Kolonaki – 106 75
Tel: 210 7234000