The traditional way of restoration for patients with complete or partial edentulism are full or partial dentures. The most current way to restore partial or complete edentulism is to use implants. However, for patients who do not wish or are not suitable candidates for implants, aesthetically pleasing dentures, either partial or full, can be manufactured.

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Artificial dentures: What is it? – What are the types?

The loss of natural teeth is a common phenomenon that can occur at any age. The most common causes of tooth loss are injuries, caries and periodontitis.

Dentures are mainly constructed out of acrylic in combination with various metals and resemble natural teeth to the greatest extent possible.

Types of artificial dentures

Artificial dentures are either full or partial depending on whether or not all the teeth are missing.

Full dentures (upper and lower jaw)

Full dentures replace all teeth, in both the upper and lower jaw.

Partial dentures

This is used when only some of the teeth in the oral cavity have been lost and need to be replaced in order to restore proper oral function and aesthetics.

Proper care of dentures

Care of the dentures is easy, as long as the appropriate time is given. Dentures should be removed from the mouth twice a day (morning and evening) and thoroughly brushed. The remaining teeth should then be brushed to keep the gums clean and healthy. If possible, it is advisable (not necessary) to remove the dentures at night and place them in a special solution to limit the formation of fungi.

When should special glue be used to hold the dentures in place?

When the dentures cannot be securely attached in the mouth by the anatomical elements of the mouth because these may have been lost, a special adhesive (glue) can be used to aid retention. Your doctor will tell you whether or not to use the glue. It is preferable to repair the dentures in order as to avoid the use of glue, as much as possible.

Prices and costs of dentures

The cost depends on the type of denture and the work to be carried out by the dentist.

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