General check-up

This initial check-up is very important both for you, whether you have come to us with a specific problem or not, and for us, the doctors, because:

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  • A problem in one area of the mouth e.g. a tooth, or the jaw joint or the soft tissues could be due to a problem in another area of the mouth or the body in general. This happens because, naturally, the structures in the mouth and the entire body are interrelated and one can affect the other.
  • Prevention is also a very important part of oral health. The purpose of prevention is to pinpoint problems that could arise in the near future, or are in a very early stage, and treat them before they create greater difficulties. For you, this means that a detailed and in-depth examination can lead to fewer problems in the future, less frequent visits to the dentist for treatment, and, consequently, lower costs.
  • From the doctor’s point of view, an overall knowledge of the problems faced by a patient means a more timely diagnosis of the problems as they arise, and  prioritization of proposed solutions regarding both importance and duration in time.