Dental Bonding / Lifting

This is one of the most common interventions in Cosmetic Dentistry. They are conservative restorations  with resin composite placed in layers, which are usually carried out with no drilling of the teeth.  Dental Bonding / Lifting is for anyone wishing to correct, brighten, renew, or perfect their smile.

It is a fact that, over time, teeth are grinded and subjected to natural wear and tear. With Dental Bonding / Lifting the Cosmetic Dentist can restore this damage, and also reduce or eliminate gaps between teeth, change the length of the teeth or cover discolorations, micro fractures, or fractures. It is worth noting that these interventions are completely painless and are carried out in a single visit.

Moreover, the latest technology in composite resins provides an excellent range, which allows the perfect matching of each tooth regarding colour and transparency, so that the end result is completely natural.

For these reasons, the results of Bonding / Lifting are immediate, spectacular, and can – subject to the proper care – last for years. Another of its benefits is the relatively low cost and the possibility for corrective work to be performed.

It is important, in any case, for the Cosmetic Dentist to perform the correct overall design that takes into account all smile design rules, such as the smile line, the gum line and, of course, the occlusion of the teeth, in order to avoid wear and tear and fractures.

The Dental Pearls experts are at your disposal for the appropriate clinical examination, which will determine the necessary dental Bonding / Lifting interventions. For our patients reside outside Athens or abroad, there is also the possibility of a first, remote assessment, which does not, in any case, replace the clinical examination.

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