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At DENTAL PEARLS we have the necessary specialization and award-winning experience to offer you a brand new smile. A smile that best expresses your personality and self-confidence; the smile that opens up the road to success in social and professional interactions.

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Smile Design or Smile Makeover is the technique, through which the renewal or even redesign of the smile can be achieved and aims to improve it and make it harmonious with the lips, the gums, and the rest of the face.

Smile Design allows us, through less invasive methods, to reduce or even completely erase any gaps between teeth, straighten teethrestore protruded teeth to the normal dental arch, intervene and reduce a gingival (gummy) smile, widen a narrow smile, change the length of the teeth, whiten and reconstruct missing teeth.

In Smile Design we most often use porcelain veneers since they are conservative restorations, with high aesthetic qualities and are highly resilient following their placement.
Obviously, there are cases where to achieve the desired result, it may be necessary to combine orthodontics (with “braces” or with invisalign «invisible braces»), implants and aesthetic restoration.
Together, we will choose the procedure that will, simply and quickly, give you the most natural smile.
This transformation can often only require two sessions!


1st visit
After oral health is established, the dentist, using clinical analysis, pictures, and x-rays, will record all the necessary aesthetic parameters of the mouth and face. Then, he/she will take impressions for the construction of a diagnostic wax up of the final smile on individualized casts (plaster casts of the mouth). This offers the possibility of assessing the result before even embarking on any intervention. This model is also used for the construction of the temporary restorations.

2nd visit
One week after the impressions, the diagnostic wax up is ready and the desired final smile can be assessed.

3rd visit
This is the stage of the teeth preparation and restoration of the gums using lasers, if necessary, and the placement of temporary restorations, that have the same shape and colour as the final result. The procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia, lasts approximately 3 hours, and you will leave the surgery wearing your new smile.

4th visit
After 3-4 weeks, the final porcelain restorations are placed, again under local anaesthesia.

Short monitoring visits of the final restorations usually follow.

Caring for your new smile
We recommend systematic oral hygiene at home, similar to that applied to natural teeth, which we will indicate, and regular check-ups at the dentist, with regular cleaning, in order to maintain this result.

The following photographs show 1. the smile before smile design, 2. the diagnostic wax up, 3. the smile with the temporary restoration, 4. the final smile with the porcelain veneers. The same procedure is followed whether the restoration is carried out using porcelain veneers or resin veneers, bridges, implants, or a combination of these.

Smile Again

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