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Teeth cleaning and whitening are two of the commonest reasons why we visit the Dentist and the Cosmetic Dentist. 

Teeth cleaning is a procedure necessary for the health of the teeth and mouth. During cleaning, the surface pigments that have formed on the teeth, and the tartar are removed. Cleaning is completed with the polishing of the teeth. The total time needed for a cleaning session is approximately one hour, while it should be performed, on average, twice a year. If oral hygiene is particularly hampered due to special reasons (such as smoking) then cleaning should be performed more frequently, i.e. three to four times per year.

Teeth whitening is a technique for removing pigments that have penetrated deeper into the tooth, which is carried out without affecting the dental substance.

With your Dentist you can choose among three types of whitening. The first is whitening carried out at the dentist’s practice, using various lights or laser. This procedure lasts one hour, is greater in potency and longer in duration of the result. It should be noted that throughout the procedure, special safety regulations are strictly adhered to.

The second method is whitening carried out at home by the patient, using special whitening trays. These trays are individualized and use lower potency material. They are administered exclusively by the Dentist, and should remain in the mouth for 1-2 hours per day, for 7-15 days.

A third method combines the first two, and is the most appropriate, since it achieves in-depth whitening with longer duration.

A very important factor for the duration of the effect is the top-up renewal of Whitening every 12-18 months, using the existing trays for 2-4 days.

Teeth cleaning and whitening cover different needs and, naturally, have a different cost. As such, the cost for Cleaning, which is an essential procedure for oral health, is approximately 4-5 times lower that the cost for Whitening.