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Before wandering about the cost of Aesthetic Dentistry, it is a good idea to think how much your smile is worth to you.

Firstly, a beautiful smile can provide undeniable power and charm. They say that “A smile is a language that even a baby understands”. It is the most direct form of communication, helping you to connect with people. A beautiful smile can boost your self confidence, because you know that it can be an important part of your “arsenal”. This boost in self-confidence can also improve your mood in general, as well as help you deal with difficulties and even with the opportunities in your life. The value of a beautiful smile (and the need for various Cosmetic Dentistry interventions) can be even greater for professionals in communication, or those who, due to their profession, speak with many people on a daily basis.


So, if you belong to any of these groups of people you value, or you should value, your smile greatly. You need Cosmetic Dentistry.

From this starting point, alongside the Cosmetic Dentist, select among many different interventions and alternative ways to implement them. Together with the Cosmetic Dentist, you will also determine a specific time schedule. In this way, you will have a clear picture for all the work that needs to be performed and have the possibility to deal with it gradually, both regarding time and cost. In any case, it is necessary to have a full picture of the individual steps and the final result, because singular interventions do not achieve the desired result and, collectively, also cost more. Quite often, it is helpful to have a first, indicative cost evaluation, which the Cosmetic Dentist can provide, even remotely, based on photographs that you can provide.

You also need to know bear in mind that every dental act must also be “cosmetic“. In other words, every treatment should not only restore oral health but  should also be in harmony and improve the appearance of your smile. In this sense, every treatment is also “cosmetic”. And this is yet another reason that makes the choice of  Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist a very important decision.

photo from davidhorne