chamogelo na agaphthei

A person’s smile is very important for communication and for self-confidence alike. A beautiful smile can be the beginning of a new love or the foundation for success; it can charm, it can even hide one’s real age.

First and foremost, Cosmetic Dentistry helps us keep our smile healthy, but can also to make it more beautiful, as it truly deserves.

beautiful, natural smile is the combination of health and aesthetics and for this reason it requires, above all, the provision of the best possible information regarding its needs. A discussion with the Cosmetic Dentist can help us understand just how important caring for our teeth is, and how great the possibilities for intervention for the improvement of our smile are.

One of the first requirements for the maintenance of healthy teeth and mouth is correct Cleaning. We must ensure this is done twice a year, unless our dentist suggests more frequently.

With the help of Orthodontics, we can correct the position and inclination of teeth, which is very important for dental occlusion, and even for proper articulation.

The Cosmetic Dentist can suggest a number of solutions (which often work in combination), in order to radically improve the appearance of our smile. Porcelain Veneers, or Teeth Bonding / Lifting are the commonest procedures in this field.

Finally, Whitening, is the procedure that will give our beautiful smile the necessary glow. In this case, too, there are various methods available, and you can choose more than one.

It is clear that nowadays a beautiful smile still has the power and charm it always had. The difference is that today its health and beauty are in our own hands and in the care of our Cosmetic Dentist.