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Smile Gallery

Smile of the month! July 2015

Smile Design. Removal of old composite veneers, gingivoplasty, internal and external whitening and restoration with porcelain and composite veneers.

Smile of the month! July 2014

Smile Design with Whitening and Prefabricated Edelweiss Composite Veneers

Gingivoplasty and porcelain crowns. June 2014

Reconstruction of the smile with gingivoplasty and porcelain crowns.

Smile of the month! July 2013

Smile Makeover with allceramic veneers, crowns and bridge.

Allceramic veneers and crowns. June 2013

Improvement of smile with allceramic veneers and crowns. Whitening proceded.

Full mouth rehabilitation. June 2013

Full mouth rehabilitation with metalceramic crowns, bridges and partial dentures. Periodontitis therapy preceded.

Smile of the month! May 2013

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants, all ceramic crowns, bridges, whitening and bonding.

Bonding/tooth lifting. May 2013

Bonding with layering composites for the 4 upper anterior teeth

Tooth bonding/lifting . April 2013

Smile improvement with zoom whitening and bonding of the 4 upper anterior teeth

Full mouth rehabilitation. March 2013

Replacement of old fillings and metalceramic crowns with allceramic crowns and onlays. This was performed with the technique of Smile Design.