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Patient Testimonials

Joanna W. USA

"Vicky is by the far the most competent, friendly and attentive dentist I have worked with in my adulthood. I needed an emergency root canal which she swiftly and confidently undertook.  She was flexible and fit me in her schedule. The staff women are impresive and hardworking. The dental office has an amazing ambience- it brings comfort to the patient."

Chrysa M. Athens.

"I had fractured my front teeth and was not satisfied with any previous work done on them. The procedure at Dental Pearls was comfortable, easy, painless, and the treatment I received from the staff was PERFECT. I am very pleased with the result. I need to get used to it. I hope I will be able to say "perfect" then! I have never felt more comfortable at a dentist! I liked the fact that the dentist was sure of her work.... even if I wasn't an easy patient. I would heartily recommend it to everyone."

Marianna K. Athens.

"What made me want to improve my smile was the fact that I did not smile enough, I was always cautious or I hid my mouth with my hand. The entire experience was very smooth and positive, because I was confident of the result. Everyone at the dentist's practice was very polite, concerned, cooperative and professional, from the very beginning, and the result lived up to my expectations. It was a completely positive experience. As a procedure it was relatively painless, it was completed in a brief period of time, and, psychologically, it has improved by mood. I recommend it with no reservation!"

Andrew A. Athens.

"My midlife crisis made me want to make a change to my smile. At the dentist's practice, I got excellent treatment, and during the procedure I felt optimistic, with full confidence in the doctor. The result is very good for now; I hope I can make further improvements..... I am now in a "test drive" period. Generally, I can say that the environment was very good, as a patient the treatment was excellent, and they have deep knowledge of the treatments."

Antonis P. Athens.

"Immaculate service means visiting a very friendly environment, where appointments are kept, you get full information and you participate in decision-making throughout the treatment, you feel confident, and comfortable, and you get a result higher than your expectations. This is what I received at Ms Deligeorgi's practice, and that is why I have already recommended Dental Pearls to all my friends."

Maria T. Mylilene.

"I did not like what I saw. I was ashamed to smile, and I decided to do something about it. I knew that this wouldn't be easy, but the people at the dentist's practice helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. Everybody treated me with professionalism. The result has nothing to do with the initial one, it is much better. It has boosted my mood. It might have taken a while due to certain interventions (gum lift, etc.), but the final result was what made me forget everything. Thank you so much."  

Athanasia T. Mytilene

"I never smiled, so I decided to change my smile. The treatment I received both from the dentist herself, as well as from the staff, was excellent, patient and professional. I was reborn, I now smile without thinking about it, I have much more self-confidence, and a good mood. It was worth the while, the long journeys and the wait for this result. I came blindly, without knowing, but I am leaving with my eyes open and with a SMILE! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Mathew H. USA

I have been wanting to change my smile for a while. During the process I felt very comfortable and the result is very good. I smile more now. "

Barbara A.

"What made me want to fix my teeth was the fact that there are now methods for the improvement of both teeth and smile. The result was very satisfying; I now smile more often and much more easily. I was very pleased with my collaboration with the dentist and her staff. The atmosphere was almost like a family. Thank you for everything!"

Periklis K.

"What motivated me to improve my smile was the fact that I hardly ever smiled, and when it happened, I felt ashamed for my crooked teeth. Initially I was sceptical about the treatment. Later on, though, during the visits, I felt comfortable, and was anxious to see the final result. The dentist and the staff were friendly, knew their job very well, provided the proper direction and answer to every question. The final result was very good. I would definitely recommend it! My wife has already paid a visit for preventive purposes. Now I do not hesitate to smile and I feel free! This whole experience was new to me, it took a while, but the result justified my choice. Moreover, with the guidelines provided by the doctor, the care I give my teeth will definitely be better from now on."