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Specialized Dental Care


Specialized care for all the oral pathology problems


Cosmetic Dentistry


"You don't have to be born with a beautiful smile in order to have one……." Every smile is unique!


Smile Design


......technique, through which the renewal or even redesign of the smile can be achieved.....


Dental Pearls


I have always believed that good aesthetic sense is a way of life. So, I wanted to create a special, beautiful and relaxing space, that would turn the visit to the dentist into a unique and, why not, highly aesthetic experience.

As a dentist, I wanted to offer my patients quality of life by giving them self-confidence through beautiful and natural smiles. For this reason I created Dental Pearls, a dental practice with an emphasis on Cosmetic and specialised General Dentistry and the first Dental Spa in Greece. In a space with spa-like comforts, we apply the latest scientific approaches, always with respect for your personal choices.

My desire for Dental Pearls is that it can offer you the personalized care you deserve in every dental treatment, whether it is dentistry or cosmetic dentistry. If you choose to improve your smile, my international experience in cosmetic dentistry will allow me to implement my commitment that I can offer the most reliable choices so that you can start giving the smiles you always wanted to the people around you.

On behalf of all my staff and associates at Dental Pearls, I invite you to come and meet us. I will be more than happy to help and be truly useful.

Dr. Vicky Deligiorgi